Options trading is hard...

Options trading provides the unique ability to capitalize on market movement in any direction, up, down, or sideways. The combinations are endless.

To make a successful options trade, you need to coordinate market direction, speed of the move, and timing all perfectly. Right on 2 out of 3 and you have a massive loser on your hands.

But all is not lost. By utilizing expert advice, we can target the options with the highest probability to pay. By evaluating volatility, skew, market activity and other proprietary"greeks," we deliver customized recommendations with a high probability of success, tipping the scales in your favor.

Why Skew Matters

We emphasize changes in skew a lot in our reports and many of you may be wondering why? As option traders, we have long seen skew as a leading (or supplementary) indicator of price movement. Read more…

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