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Our Approach

The mistake most people make is an oversimplification of what options are. We don't do that. Options trading is hard. The market is three dimensional and in constant flux. The underlying price moves, volatility moves, time decays and skew fluctuates. The market ebbs and flows with the movement of big money into the trade. It doesn't always react the way you think, and in fact, it often moves to inflict the most damage to the greatest number of people. Add to that the fact that you can quickly lose many times your investment and face margin call nightmares and options trading starts to sound like something better left untouched.

But that's not the end of the story. The options market is rife with opportunity. With an experienced eye, careful analysis of the volatility and conditions, and monitoring of the market action through proprietary analysis and "greeks," we are able to tip the scales in your favor. We work to pinpoint the specific options that have the best odds of working in your favor, maximizing the gain when the market moves your way, and minimizing your losses when it doesn't.

Through our unique use of options, we can initiate trades that will multiply you winning trades and cut your losing trades in half.

Our Story

We started as floor options traders at the CBOT specializing in the grain markets. As the floor continues to lose business to the electronic markets, we moved our opperation off the floor and into and office where we can better monitor the markets and apply our unique strategy across a variety of products.

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